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Shannon Stirnweis

Shannon Stirnweis 6 Indian Smoke Signals
Wagon train settlers alarmed at distant Indian smoke signals

  • Original commissioned oil painting completed in 1981
  • 18" by 20 1/2" oil on illustration board
  • 3 1/2" western style frame with 3/4" canvas liner
  • excellent provenance
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • signed by the artist, lower right
CONDITION:  The painting and frame are in excellent condition.  The frame is newer to the piece.


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     This is an original western illustration completed in oil on Crescent Illustration board by Shannon Stirnweis in 1982 for the Fleetwood Trails West Collection of fine art prints.  Our gallery purchased this painting directly from the company who commissioned the painting.  Provenance will be provided to the buyer as well as the original Certificate of Authenticity.

     Smoke signals in the Old West were often a prelude to bloodshed and heartache. This original illustration portrays frantic settler's of a Wagon Train responding to a mounted scout's observation of a distant Indian smoke signal.    The artist has displayed incredible expressionism and detail to capture the emotion and dread of the pioneer's.  This is an amazing piece by a great contemporary western illustrator.

     Shannon Stirnweis is an accomplished and listed fine artist and illustrator of western life subjects.  He began his career as an illustrator in the US Army and pursued that career commercially illustrating for books, posters, ads and magazines such as Boy's Life, Field & Stream, and Sportsman Magazine.

     He is a member of Western Artist's of America and is shown in galleries throughout the US.  He is represented in the permanent collections of the US Dept of the Interior, US Air Force, US Army Historical Museum, US Coast Guard, Leaning Tree, Marriot, Grumbacher, Rumley, CBS, Burt Reynolds, California Federal Savings, University of Texas, University of Wyoming and the Pippin Museum.  He has participated in shows at the Hunterton Art Center, New York Historical Society, and the Smithsonian.

     The painting and frame are in excellent condition.  It is housed in beautiful 3 1/2" wide wood frame that has a leather like texture and antiqued gold edging.   A  3/4" canvas liner outlines the illustration board.  Along with the painting we are including an antique brass art lamp and the original Certificate of Authenticity.  The artist has signed the paintingbottom right.