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Daniel Renn Pierce

Daniel Renn Pierce, lone Gray Wolf in snow lone Gray Wolf in snow
  • listed wildlife artist
  • original acrylic on masonite - 16" by 24"
  • beautiful ebony/gold handcrafted solid wood gallery frame
  • signed by artist, lower right

CONDITION:  The painting and frame are in excellent condition.


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Daniel Renn Pierce, lone Gray Wolf in the Snow       Daniel Renn Pierce is a contemporary wildlife artist with a preference for painting wolves as subject matter.  His unique realistic style has lead to much of his work being duplicated for prints, posters, puzzles, plates and other collectable items.  We are pleased to offer several original paintings by this artist featuring his most popular subject matter - the wolf.  Additionally, these paintings are being offered at an exceptional value relative to market prices.

     The scene showcases the artist's talent for using light and contrasts.   He employs these talents to create a beautiful winter wonderland scene that is inhabited by a lone wolf captured in sunlight.  

     The painting is framed in a beautiful handcrafted ebony/gold solid wood gallery frame that contrasts and highlights the artwork.  

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