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Roy Kerswill

Roy Kerswill 1 The Patriarch
Wyoming Landscape:  the Absaroka Range near Wiggins Fork

  • 24" by 36" original Oil on Canvas completed in 1973
  • signed and dated lower right
  • original period 3 1/2" wood frame with 2" canvas liner and fillet
  • brass plate with artist's name and title of painting
  • original gallery stamp verso
  • original gallery catalog with photograph & reference of this painting
CONDITION:  Very good condition relative to age.  Still maintains vivid colors.  Minor soiling to canvas, and one small scratch in lower left quadrant.  Light minor scratches to frame.


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Roy Kerswill 2

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Roy Kerswill 6
     This is an impressive oil on canvas of one of the many great gems of the Rockies, and was painted by a most interesting listed western artist, Roy Kerwill.  He chose an unique perspective for this composition by employing a dead weathered tree located in the foreground to offset and frame the more obvious subject matter - the glacier carved snow dusted Absaroka Mountains.  Captured in this landscape are sloping grasslands, evergreen laden foothills, and white puffy cumulus that decorate the baby blue sky.  Most impressive though is the dominant presence of the Absaroka Range.   

     A stamp verso details the painting as Absaroka Range near Wiggins Fork.  This is a northern sub-range of the Rockies located in Wyoming along the north eastern border of Yellowstone National Park.

     Roy Kerswill's art has been collected by Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.  Other notable collectors are Senator Barry Goldwater, Laurence Rockefeller, Burt Reynolds and Dick Van Dyke.  Gallery prices for landscapes by this artist and size range between $8,000 to $10,000. This painting comes at an excellent value.  

     This beautiful painting is housed in a handsome period wood frame that is original to the piece.  A brass plate is attached to the front and is inscribed with the title and artist's name.  We also enclude with this purchase, the original gallery catalog that contained this painting and another that is signed by the artist.

     The painting and frame are in very good condition relative to age and still maintains vivid colors.  Some minor light scratches are noted to frame.  One small scratch noted on canvas in lower left quadrant.  No major condition problems or paintloss.  Some minor light soiling to canvas.  It is signed and dated by the artist, lower right.

Roy Kerswill gallery catalog